Influence and impact

The true measures of successful content (and how to do them well)

"The 'Influence and Impact' ebook by Longitude is like MBA-level coursework. It is full of advertising case studies that refreshed my memory on lessons learned and taught me new concepts that I plan to use in my job."

Marketing Communications Manager in a U.S. Telecommunications Firm

What does it really mean when we say we have influenced an audience, and what do we want the outcome to be? How do we do it, and how do we know it has worked?

Our new ebook answers these questions, drawing on approaches from storytelling frameworks to behavioural economics and the work of persuasion experts.

Request your copy to discover:
  • What does it really mean to ‘influence’ your audience?
  • Where we can learn from the copywriters: The five stages of creating influential content
  • How to get attention: Longitude’s SURE framework and when to apply it
  • And, crucially, how to know if it’s worked

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