Thought + Leadership: Intelligent content in a crisis

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Key Features Include
  • Five ways to gain and retain the trust of your audience;
  • The three stages of the crisis and what content is appropriate in which phase;
  • Adapting existing campaigns to meet short-term realities whilst keep the longer-term outlook in view; and
  • Why relevance and distinctiveness will ensure your content will have impact.


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Specialist insight on how B2B brands need to communicate now and in the immediate aftermath of Covid-19

We know how challenging it is to be a marketing professional in the current environment. You need clear direction from an experienced guide on how to remain visible and support your audiences in times of crisis.

From how best to communicate with existing clients whilst still winning new customers to which topics and themes will resonate at each stage of the crisis, we’re here to provide you with expert advice on how to adjust your marketing and communications strategy in response to Covid-19.

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